CLASSIFICATION:  Modern Penjing Diorama

SIZE: (WxHxD including suiban) 11.5” x 4.5” x 6”

OBSERVATIONS: It brings me great joy to offer one of my most passionate works! This art piece took a full week of labor, beginning with selecting the Chinese Ying stones. After careful cutting, the stones were aesthetically placed on the suiban to highlight the main stone’s rushing waterfall. Making one homogenous suiseki view by using several stones is one of my favorite aspects of Penjing. I really loved hand making the trees and foliage to complete this peaceful scene featuring the three friends of winter (sho chiku bai): pine, bamboo, and plum. A stone suiban finished with a faux bronze patina is worthy of this fun and fine scene we have all seen before! Please enjoy the photo of it displayed in tokonoma at a recent show. Well constructed for safe shipping to the new owner.

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