CLASSIFICATION:  Furuya Suiseki (Taki-ishi)

ORIGIN: Wakayama prefecture, Japan

SIZE: (WxHxD including daiza) 3.5” x 2: x 1.75”

DAIZA: Finely finished hardwood

OBSERVATIONS: This little Furuya-ishi mountain range is titled “Kitsune no Yomeiri” (Fox’s Wedding) after a Japanese folktale explaining the natural phenomenon of atmospheric ghost lights which look like paper lanterns or embers extending in a line far in the distant woods and mountains. Until the Showa period, Japanese weddings were held in the evening and included the bride entering with a procession of paper lanterns. Foxes are legendary tricksters. Because these mysterious lights looked like paper lanterns from afar but disappeared once one got close, observers of ghost lights were said to be fooled by a fox. The folktale of the fox’s wedding was often depicted in classic Japanese art and literature and is even re-enacted in actual weddings and shrine festivals today. The main peak of this sweet stone clearly suggests the head of a fox.

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